Friday, March 25, 2016

Hypothesis: Senator Ted Cruz is a Cuban or Russian Sleeper Agent

1 A spy who is placed in a target country or organization, not to undertake an immediate mission, but rather to act as a potential asset if activated.1

Sleeper agents actually exist, they are not just fictional characters from a cold war spy novel. There are a number of well-documented cases of sleeper agents in history. In 2010, an entire network of 10 Russian sleeper agents was discovered in the United States2. They were basically passing for average Americans, with normal day jobs. If a sleeper agent working in deep cover is able to integrate themselves into society they have more value, especially if they can achieve a position of authority or influence. This was the role of the 10 Russian agents. They were discovered only because a Russian double agent defected to the United States and tipped off the FBI.

Experts in espionage have long speculated that sleeper agents could potentially destroy a country if the agent could attain high rank in government. The characteristics of such an agent would be that they had lived most of their life inside the target country. They might cover themselves in a disguise of citizenship and patriotism to assist their rise to a position where they could seriously damage the country. Eventually they could be expected to start influencing the direction of the government contrary to the nation’s interests. If I were going to write the biography of a sleeper agent, it would probably look something like Ted Cruz’s personal history combined with his activities in the Senate.

Ted Cruz’s early biography bears a particular resemblance to one of the previously mentioned Russian sleeper agents, Vicky Pelaez3. Vicky was not a Russian, but a Peruvian by birth, who immigrated to the United States. It eventually came to the attention of the FBI that she was a foreign agent. It became clear that she had associations with far left wing activities in Peru during the late Cold War.

Ted Cruz was born in 1970, also outside the United States, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ted’s father was a citizen of Cuba, then a client state of the Soviet Union, his mother an American woman who had met the father in college. The father reportedly fled the communist revolution in Cuba, but there is no way to confirm this. He just as easily could have been an infiltrator disguised as refugee.

Ted Cruz’s mother was a US citizen by birth, but there is reason to be suspicious that she acquired Canadian citizenship while living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada4 since her name appeared on a list of eligible voters. Under Canadian law and procedures of the time, this implies that she was a citizen. It certainly implies that Ted’s mother and/or father did not clearly identify her as not being a Canadian citizen to the government enumerator that must have visited their residence.

Since Ted’s mother was a US citizen (whether or not she had dual citizenship as a Canadian), Ted automatically obtained citizenship under US law, but the United States Constitution specifies that to be eligible to be President of the United States, the candidate must be a “natural born citizen.” The term “natural born citizen” is not well defined legally, and if Ted Cruz’s mother had actually obtained Canadian citizenship, then he might not be eligible to be president. There is no specific allowance for someone who has acquired additional citizenship through any means other than birth to be considered a “natural born citizen.”

Senator Ted Cruz’s rhetoric and actions in the Senate literally reveal a desire to completely dismantle the federal state. During the government shutdown, Cruz led a faction that caused the normal business of the federal government to halt and he offered no alternative for it to start operating again5. When questioned about it, Cruz could not provide a path to ending the shutdown. This does not sound like a leader trying to fix problems. It sounds like he was simply trying to halt any governing at all from occurring. That is the same thing an enemy state does during wartime. This behavior is consistent with that of a sleeper agent working against the interests of the country. Is Ted Cruz a sleeper agent? When you consider his questionable status as a natural born citizen, it raises suspicion.

Footnotes and citations:
4. Ted Cruz’s mother was on a list of eligible Canadian voters in 1974. In the context of Canadian law and government procedures of the time, that would have meant she was found to be a Canadian citizen, though there are alternative interpretations that contradict these findings.

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